Business Philosophy

Griff Technologies is your reliable partner for life sciences instrumentation R&D and manufacturing. We offer innovative designs, quick turn-around prototypes along with a high quality manufacturing operation at a very competitive cost. Turn to us for peace of mind as your US turnkey source.

As your R&D resource, our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists offers unique qualifications specializing in analytical, scientific and diagnostic instruments. We pride ourselves in the rapid delivery of innovative patentable concepts. You will own all the intellectual property produced by Griff Technologies and we assist in your patent filings. All technical information is your property. We will not compete with you or perform work for your competitors. We take protection of your intellectual property very seriously.

Because of our expertise in scientific instruments, all our development projects are undertaken on a fixed-bid basis: You know your total costs at project commencement and payments are tied to milestone completions with your approval. We take ultimate responsibility for our designs by tying all development projects to manufacturing contracts.

Our contract manufacturing operation specializes in producing high quality instruments with competitive pricing. Our procurement department uses global raw materials sources and monitors all vendors for quality and on time deliveries. The production floor performs final assembly, calibration and functional testing on every unit that leaves our facility. QA assays are routinely performed where needed and results securely stored. Our low overhead facility allows us to offer US made products priced competitively with off-shore alternatives. We offer extended and, in some cases, lifetime warranties on all our products. Deliveries are scheduled per the customer’s needs and we drop ship worldwide.

If you would like to explore a partnership with Griff Technologies please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to perform a quick proof-of-concept bread board or bid that pesky device that gives your in-house manufacturing operation headaches.

As a separate endeavor following the same business philosophy, Griff Technologies has established strategic relationships with German and Central European lab glass manufacturers. We supply specialty laboratory glassware to the major US distribution channels. Please contact us for your OEM needs.