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R&D Expertise

We offer complete R&D services which cover the entire project development cycle from inception to production. Our strengths are multi-disciplinary projects requiring expertise in physics, chemistry, biology, mechanics, fluidics, thermo dynamics, optics, analog/digital electronics and firmware. Add this sentence at the end of the R&D intro: Our seasoned R&D team has successfully co-developed over 50 instruments and co-invented over 100 issued patents.

Proof of Concept

After meeting with you, our client, to develop a firm understanding of your needs, bread boards are built in-house to quickly establish the feasibility of your project. This provides you with a level of confidence that your new product will meet your expectations satisfying your market needs. At this point the initial ground work is laid for intellectual property filings.


After the feasibility study is done, we know enough about the project to provide you with fixed bid pricing on development and budgetary cost of goods for manufacturing. We believe that knowing the total dollar expenditure up front provides you with a high level of fiscal confidence. At this time your approval in principle is required for us to proceed with the balance of the project.

The Proposal

We carefully put together an in-depth proposal starting with the feasibility results then detailing all the major phases, tasks, deliverables and milestones in the project. We provide a list of deliverables and timelines with payment schedules tied in. This document serves as the project blueprint for the remaining months and is often referenced to make sure the project is on track.


Our design team meets with you to draw up a set of detailed specifications. Expectations for the end product are brainstormed and clearly defined before design begins. This includes paying attention to industrial design and packaging needs, compliance requirements and manufacturability.


Flowing directly from the required specifications, the design phase begins. Our engineers collaborate on innovative solutions. They love a good challenge and with over 30+ years experience, they have the knowhow and persistence to solve the thorniest problems.


Prototypes are designed and quickly built by our in-house team. This is one of the most exciting phases of a project as the first working units are tested both in your lab and ours. The inevitable surprises are rapidly evaluated and adjustments made to the prototypes while testing rolls on.


Manufacturing the completed design at our facility allows us to deliver turn-key units to your door, ready for filling your customer orders. Initial startup issues are handled by our team, internally, freeing up your operation for other business needs.