Our custom and turn-key manufacturing facility occupies 7500sq-ft of a former soft-drink bottling plant in Milton, MA. We specialize in building complete instruments, modules and smart sub-assemblies including 100% functional testing, QA assay verification, and Certificate of Conformance generation. Your instruments are drop-shipped world-wide in your retail packaging with your QA documentation and sit in your Finished Goods Inventory. Our operational efficiency allows excellent OEM margins for our customers.

Material Management

The best products require the best raw materials.
We purchase raw materials based on our customer drawings and specifications. We maintain total source control by individually purchasing all electronic, mechanical and optical parts. Incoming inspection is performed on all purchased parts.

All critical raw material suppliers are personally selected by our owners. Critical suppliers are mostly privately-held, family owned enterprises with whom exist long-standing relationships. These suppliers are all vertically integrated. Whoever builds prototype parts and sub-assemblies will also provide production quantities of the same. There is constant communication at the ownership, engineering and Quality levels between us and our critical suppliers. Critical supplier turnover is almost non-existent. The same goes for our staff who interact with them.

We are globally sourced. Our critical suppliers are located in the US, Asia and Europe. This diversity is key to our competitiveness and our ability to provide our customers with excellent margins.

After completion of the prototype / 1st article effort on a given part / sub-assembly, its supplier will not change and changes to the part or sub-assembly will be kept to a minimum and a first article loop gone through with every change.

Production Planning

Long-standing customer and supplier relationships along with longer product lifetimes associated with the Life Sciences industries allow us to place annual orders and take large single deliveries of raw material parts. Production flow and capacity are managed by a full MRP system to insure on-time customer deliveries.

MRP and annual purchasing allow us to constantly have enough raw material inventory on-hand to handle almost any sudden spike in product demand.

Line Engineering

Our engineers tailor the assembly process to each individual product. They generate assembly procedures that strictly adhere to our customer production procedures and drawings They also generate in-process inspection check lists and extensive final test and QA requirement documents. Revision control is tracked by MRP System.

Ultimate responsibility for the 100% functionality of finished goods shipments lie with the engineers.

Line Capacity

The main line handles 9 simultaneous products. Weekly throughput is 25 units of each. Weekly throughput of “smart sub-assemblies” is 250 of each.

The quick-turn line handles individual prototypes and limited production runs of as little as 5 units.

Functional Test

100% of all units shipped are 100% functionally operated and tested prior to shipment. A Certificate of Conformance is generated for each. This allows each unit to go directly to our customers’ finished goods inventory shelf. Our high-level technical staff develops an in-depth understanding of each product’s application to insure functional testing is comprehensive No product ships without a complete test, serialization and logging.

Final QA

A Separate AQL inspection is performed on all batches prior to product shipment. We require a minimum of two signatures for Finished Goods to leave the facility. We maintain an Uninterrupted paper and electronic trail of purchasing, production and quality records on each product from its inception. Quality assurance records are kept internally by serial number for every smart sub-assembly/module/instrument manufactured

Our quality system allows us to extend a comprehensive warranty on our manufactured products of at least 5 years.

World-Wide Shipping

We package and ship finished goods per our customer’s requirements. Be it as individual devices in our customer’s retail packaging or multiple pallets on ocean containers. We drop-ship finished-goods worldwide from our Milton warehouse.